Vance D. vs. Joe D., which HT kit?

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    (Sorry if you read this on the PE board)
    Ok, I was pretty much set on building Joe D's Audax HT kit until... I learned about Vance D's kit in the 6th edition LDC. It uses the Morel MDT40 tweet in an MTM arrangement with the AP130Z0 5.25" Audax Aeroangel woofer. This design is used in the 3 front speakers and uses a 1/3 cubic foot sealed, stuffed box with an F3 of 80Hz (vs. 50Hz for Joe D's kit.) The rears use the same woofer with the Audax TM25F01 tweeter in a dipole arrangement (one on the front, one on the rear.) The enclosure is .13 cubic foot sealed, stuffed with an F3 of 100Hz (vs 85Hz for Joe D's kit.) The drivers cost about $180 more for Vance's kit and I'm just guessing the crossovers should cost roughly the same. Vance's kit seems better for me for a couple of reasons. One it's sealed and this is my first DIY project. Secondly, the sealed boxes work better for my front speakers because of how they are mounted (on small shelves.) I'd like to hear the opinions of others about the merits of each. BTW, Vance recommends a vented 10" titanic for the sub but I plan to use a sealed Dayton 15" DVC at this point.
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    Can't comment on the relative merits of the component/kits, but to get a better blend with the sub, the lower F3 is the preferred choice IMO.
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