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Mar 5, 2003
Hey, guys. I purchased the 10" Vance D. sub from PE several months ago and have been having some nasty problems with it. It's hooked up to my receiver via rca with the sub crossover set to around 80 Hz. I have the sub volume level set at about 1/3, and if I go any higher than that, it makes an awful "clipping" sound. And at 1/3 volume level on the sub, the bass is not very apparent.
For instance, I was watching "The Transporter" the other day, and when the soundtrack kicked in, there was hardly any bass. So, I turned the sub level up. Then, later on in the movie, when the BMW exploded outside the mini mart, there was that horrible sound again. The higher the sub level, the worse the noise. I'm thinking it has to be a bad amp or driver. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can pinpoint the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
Real Name
You will have to go threw all the variables one at a time till you find the problem.

Has the sub acted this way sence you got it??????

How loud are you talkingwhen the sub is doing this, making the noise and what dose the noise sound like???
Buzz, clack, humm, etc....

Things to try:
Be sure your LFE out signal in the (Receiver) is around the mid point (0 to 20 around 10) and not toward max output which could be over driving the inputs.

Also if your receiver has a LFE pad besides the LFE volume itself, be sure that it is set correctly.

Try a different or new sub cable.

If you have another receiver try it on that one.

Try running speaker wires to the high level inputs on the sub and see if you have the same problem.
Dis-connect the low level RCA though when trying this...

If your using the Auto On feature on the sub amp try putting in the (Constant ON) postion.

A few things to check and try, hope you can find the problem.

PE, if something is defective, is excellent to work with should you need a new driver, amp, etc...

Good luck at trouble shooting the sub problem.



Mar 5, 2003
Thanks for the help, Geoff. To answer your questions...

"Has the sub acted this way sence you got it??????"

Yes, it has made the same sound since I got it in February. After talking to one of the PE tech guys, he said my settings were just off. Well, I've been trying to tweak it for months.

"How loud are you talking when the sub is doing this, making the noise and what dose the noise sound like???"

The volume level varies greatly depending on what I'm watching or listening to. But generally, the receiver volume (Denon 1803) is set to between -25 and -10 with the sub setting at +3 db. The sub volume level is set to about the 9:00 position. If I go any higher than that, it makes a forceful clipping or coughing noise (that is, if speakers can cough :)).
Also, this is the only receiver I have, and I've tried two different cables and have hooked it up with speaker wire to the high level inputs...same problem. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.



Stunt Coordinator
Jul 16, 2002

I have the 10" Titanic and had a similar problem. Mine would bottom out if the SPL level was high. My biggest problem was room size. I was using it in a 3100 cubic foot room. It just can't move enough air for that size room. The other thing I did was to tweak the adjustment, which for me, meant turning the plate amp's volume to a little less than 1/3. I set my preamp sub level to 0 dB and used the plate amp control to get the 75 dB SPL. Finally, I removed the 30 Hz boost on the plate amp, and while I had it apart, I added some fiber fill to tighten it up a bit. However, all of the tweaks helped, but I still couldn't get the level I wanted, so I added a 12 inch sub. Having both subs worked for me, you mileage may vary.



Jul 11, 2002

You have to understand something. The Titanic is a 10" sealed sub in a mere 1' foot box. It is meant primarily for music in smaller rooms. I got mine in a 15 x 13 room and is doing well. When it bottoms, yes it is scary. BTW if you want rock solid wall schacking bass, look to a ported SVS.

Also remember the better the subwoofer the less BOOM BOOM sound it will have. Last week, I was setting up my brothers new HT with Polks LSi 9 and 7 and a SVS. When we turn on the system, I went to check the SVS to see if it was turn on.;)


Donnie Eldridge

Supporting Actor
Jan 3, 2001
Just a thought. The Transporter isn't very good for reference material for your sub. The soundtrack has bass, but the effects I felt were really lacking. Try something else.

Brian Bunge

Senior HTF Member
Sep 11, 2000

It sounds to me like you're just expecting too much from that sub. It's normal with that amp to only be able to turn the gain knob to around 9 o'clock on the dial in order to calibrate correctly. If the sub is not loud enough for you, you should adjust the sub out level in your receiver.

I'd suggest getting an SPL meter if you don't already have one and try calibrating the sub as well as the rest of your system.

Also, let us know what size your room is as this will greatly affect the amount of output you will get, especially from such a small sub.

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