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Mark Pytel

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Jun 20, 2003
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Mark Pytel
Hi I noticed on dvdempire and universal home video's website that universal is releasing a van damme four feature set on 2/10 containing The Quest, Sudden Death, Hard Target, and Lionheart.
Dvdempire says anamorphic widescreen which leads me to believe that all are widescreen,
but universal's site says all widscreen except lionheart which is full frame.

Do you think this is a mistake on their site? Universal originally released both sudden death and lionheart in full frame and dvd in the past, but it seems that they remastered sudden death for this re-release, so why would they skip Lionheart? It doesn't seem right to make a new boxset that corrects the old dvd mistakes but then put in a full frame transfer of a widescreen movie?
Any thoughts on this? If it is fullframe, we should all go to universal's website and request Lionheart to be in widescreen. Granted it is not my favorite movie, but in 2009, all widscreen movies should be released properly on dvd. No excuses.
I've already sent them a couple of messages regarding this topic, but maybe if others do to it may send them a a message. Now none of my e-mails were rude. I just stated what people out there want regarding this dvd set.

So Please, it only takes a minute, so be sure to go on universal's site and let them know that we want this in widescreen. Also, take a moment to request a film you want on dvd. They may take your consideration. Last year I told them that I was happy with the van damme quadruple pack and clint eastwood western pack and that they would make money by making a new eastwood pack with beguiled, coogan's bluff, and a new version of eiger sanction. Well on 2/10 they are releasing just that on dvd.
Who knows, maybe they Do listen to all of our e-mails.

Andrew Radke

May 8, 2003
Guelph, Ontario - Canada
Real Name
Andrew Radke
Wow, I didn't even know there was such a set coming out. I love all 4 movies included, so I certainly hope "Lionheart" is widescreen as well. Mistakes have been known to happen on behalf of studio websites before. The "Grumpy Old Men" double feature from Warner was listed on their site as widescreen when in fact it was not. But of course in this case, it's wishful thinking. I hate that about some box sets though. You get a handful of movies you want, but not all are the same aspect ratio......which is exactly why to this day I don't own the "Police Academy" box set.

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