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    Anybody have any suggestions for vacation ideas in September? I'm supposed to be planning it with a bunch of friends, so no need for romantic getaways, etc.

    We're planning on taking about 10-12 days. We did London/Paris last year and had a blast, Las Vegas the year before. Pricewise, we're hoping to keep it below $2,000 US per person.

    Here are some of our current ideas:

    1.) San Francisco & Hawaii - not sure about this one. We can crash with friends in SF, but Hawaii seems more of a honeymoon-type getaway to me.

    2.) Mediterranean Cruise, or alternatively, Spain, South France, and/or Northern Italy.

    3.) London and/or Paris Redux - Get to see what we missed last time.

    Any suggestions for destinations and best ways to start setting the suggested trip up would be appreciated.

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    What about a cruise? You could get a KILLER cruise for less then that per person including flights and go to the south pacific, Bahamas, or as you stated the Mediterranean. Just like what the HTF cruise is all about is what you can do with friends. You all get seperate rooms for spending with your SO but you get the added bonus of spending time in port and on the ship with friends. We had a fabulous time and would do it again in a heartbeat with our group of friends. [​IMG] [​IMG] Hmmmm maybe next year [​IMG]

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