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    I did not know where to post this message. If not here, please feel free to move. I have just completed my home theater. I have a false wall with access through a door. I was planning on keeping all of my components behind the wall and hanging my plasma television on the wall with a hole through the wall to the back. My concern is how can I access the device using the remote, is it possible? Is there something I need to mount on the wall to receive the remote signals? Any help is appreciated.

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    Very easy and very possible. Radio Shack (or and probably would be good places to look. From memory, I think the Radio Shack catalog number is 15-1950. Basically it is a couple of small pyramid-like shaped items where one is a receiver and one is a sender. They plug into an electrical outlet, one in front of the equipment you want to control and one at the location you want to control from. The one in front of the equipment must be placed so that it can transmit the signal to the other unit.

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