Using Old Speaker Tower Boxes

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by MikeGee, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a pair or Hitachi tower speakers here from the early 90s Nothing crazy, only 50 watts a piece. They used to sound good but now i have 2 blown drivers. Each tower has 3 drivers. 8" , 4" and a 2" tweeter. They measure 34"H 12"W 8"D and they are not ported boxes.

    Anyone think i can remove all the old hardware and just wire up some new drivers/crossovers and have it sound good? I have the tools to redrill any of the holes. I'd just like to reuse the boxes cause they are in great shape other than the blown drivers. Although I'm not too sure if the

    These speakers would be only used for music and would be running off of a stereo amp.

    If anyone can give me suggestions cause this would be my first non-subwoofer speaker build to keep me busy going into the winter months.

    thanks for any information or suggestions.

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    It will make sound, that is guaranteed. Will it sound good? Only if you are very lucky. If you don't mind filling in the current speaker holes and making new ones, then there is a better chance of it sounding good to great.
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    Let me guess ... the tweeters are blown? If that's the case then I suggest a 1" dome tweeter as a replacement. They are quite cheap and you just have to match the efficiency and come up with a highpass filter that will work with the existing crossover. You might need to add an Lpad to the tweeter. I'd suggest adding some internal bracing, even if you just use some 1" dowell. Also consider adding some stuffing if you don't have any.
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    Another thing you could do is search ebay for some drivers and cross-overs that came from the same speaker. You would have to measure the openings to make sure they would fit but using drivers and x-overs that were designed to work together would give you a better chance that they would sound decent. Cabinet size is a critical dimension and could pose a problem.

    As an example, the Infinity Kappa 5.1 and it's cousin the Crescendo 3006 use 8" woofers, 4-5" mids and an Emit-R tweeter. These, and the x-overs, are readily available on ebay. I guess there's more value in the parts than the speaker as a whole. The tweeters can be a bit expensive, however.

    There are also pre-packaged kits that include the drivers and cross-overs, you build/buy the cabinets.

    All this could wind up being more expensive than just buying some used speakers on craigslist but as was already mentioned, just buying drivers and sticking them in is a real hit-or-miss proposition.

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