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Using HT receiver as preamp (1 Viewer)

Jan 6, 2003
This question refers to any HT receiver that does not have jumpers or switches to disable the input to the internal amplifiers.

Most HT receivers above a certain price range have pre-outs. Some have inputs to the amplifier stages, most probably don't, however. I would guess that most do not have jumpers connecting the pre-out to the amplifier input, until you jump up a considerable amount in price, if at all. Which leads me to my question. If I use an external amplifier (feeding the pre-outs of my HT receiver to an external amplifier), won’t the internal amplifier still be receiving and amplifying the signal, thus producing heat and drawing power, just as if it had a speaker load attached?

The jumpers I am referring to are what used to be found on most decent, upper end stereo receivers. They simply provide the path from the pre-out of the receiver, to the input of the amplifier. My Nakamichi TA-4A had them, and the Yamaha DSP-A1 has them for its L, R, and Center channels (I believe).

Ed Werner

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Apr 19, 2003
Just a stab in the dark, but I would think that since you would be using the pre-outs on the rear of the reciever to an ext. amp and have no speakers hooked up, you would not be completing a circuit through the amp section, therefore it would not heat up as it would with a speaker load on it.

I have thought about eventually doing this same thing myself with my 7.1 reciever.

Sound right?


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