Using a Universal Remote with a Mit WS-65869?

Discussion in 'Accessories, Cables, and Remotes' started by Dan Hinson, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Dan Hinson

    I have been trying to figure out the best way to set up a universal remote with my Mitsubishi WS-65869. I am also using a Pioneer Receiver for Audio.

    It would be grand if I could setup or program a macro so that one could push a single button and simultaneously change the TV input AND the video source on the receiver, but given how the Mitsubishi’s “NetCommand” menu, I simply don’t see how this would be possible.

    Sure, I could program a remote pull up the Mit’s device menu, toggle two clicks to the right, and then select DVD. But the problem is, that only works if I was watching cable TV. If I am watching over-the-air HDTV, and then selected the DVD macro, two clicks to the right would not land me on my Mit’s DVD input.

    If I had a cable box or even Satellite, either with options for HDTV, then I could simply route everything through an A/V Receiver (though I would have to get a new one that accommodates component video) and run a single video inputs into my TV from the receiver, thus truly making my TV a “monitor.”

    As it stands now, however, I am using my TVs internal HD tuner for over-the-air broadcasts, as well as the analog tuner for regular cable. Thus, changing video inputs on the Mit is a must.

    As near as I can tell, there is simply no way I can hit a single button and get my Mit to go directly to a specific input. …unless of course, someone out there can help, or simply knows something that I don’t regarding my Mitsubishi.

    Any help is much appreciated…

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    I'd be surprised if the TV doesn't have discrete IR codes for the inputs (even if the OE remote doesn't use them). You might jump over to a universal remote specific forum and ask your questions there. Try Also, A harmony remote (activity based instead of device based) might work really well for you if the TV has discrete codes.

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