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    I was just wondering if it would be possible to use my second DSS receiver in a summer home rather than paying for 2 services? I have a DishNetwork system with a PVR501 and a DP300 receiver. I'm actually renting the equipment through their "AtHome" plan with AT150 package. My parents have a summer home that I sometimes go to and they too have a satellite sytem consisting of two DP300s but they own their equipment and their yearly plan is coming to an end soon. Would they be able to simply not renew their contract and simply use the DP300 that I am renting when they or I am down there? Or would it even be easier since it's the same receiver, just take the access card with me? We don't hook ours up to a phoneline since we both never do PPV, so I believe the satellite is a complete passive system that way.

    Is this possible? I've heard that people do this with RV's
    so I would imagine this would be possible.

    I have another question, if I subscribe to the local channels, how would that affect them then, because I live by NYC and our house is in Delaware. I can get all the local channels here, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. etc. whereas in Delaware, they are only allowed by the FCC to get Fox... If I was to bring my access card down there, will they be able to get the full locals? I don't subscribe to local channels now but if they can cancel their $35/month payment, it might be worth it for me to add the locals so we can get it both here and there. Being a summer home, we're not there that often and paying for a yearly contract is expensive if you're not there..

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    Once a receiver's smart card is authorized, it technically makes no difference where the receiver is located in order to receive core programming. The entire receiver must be relocated, however... your smart card will not work in another receiver. When the receiver is connected to a phone line, Dish Network is able to verify the receiver's location during the periodic calls. Not connecting to a phone line prevents you from ordering PPV above a certain limit until the receiver can call in. I'm not familiar enough with the DP300 to know what it needs of the phone line...

    I'm pretty sure that NY locals are on the 119 or 110 satellite, and are not on spot-beams, so they should be available outside the NY area to anyone with a Dish 500 setup.

    Relocating your receiver violates your agreement with Dish Network, which states that your service is provided only to the dwelling listed on your service contract. They have the right to terminate service and sue for lost revenue if they find out you violated your agreement.

    So, yes... the technology allows you to relocate your receiver. Your contract does not.


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