Using 3802 sub-jack?

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    I've read several different articles that talked about the disadvantage of using your sub-out jack on the back of your receiver. I am no expert in this field so I hope I explain myself clearly. From what I understand they say that the low pass filters from the sub and receiver do not interact with each other very well. My particular set-up, I am using front channels with powered subs built in. I am "Y"ing out of the sub jack on the 3802 and running into the speakers at line in. I have IL60's by the way, sorry.

    Like I said, I really don't understand most of this stuff, but I do like to learn from you guys so as to try and get the most possible out my system.

    I really get lost when they start talking about setting fronts to "large" and turning the sub "off". Or hook your subs up just like regular speakers with speaker wire and so on.
    Any clarification and help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks dave-u
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    If you have the 3802, please use your RCA sub out jack. A digital coax or sub cable will do the trick. Adjust your rcvr crossover to 90 htz and your sub woofer crossover to 90 htz. If you have very large fronts, then you may want to consider leaving them set to large to fill in the mid level bass and turn the volume down on your sub a little. Just my opinion.[​IMG]
    Sorry! I can't read.
    I think you are doing it right. Except you may need to set the fronts to small and feed your powered fronts a sub signal at 90 htz.
    Or you could leave the fronts set to large and use the built in powered function for your fronts and skip the sub connections totally.
    Are you as confused as I am???[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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