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    Hailed as “The New Mary Poppins!”
    Materializing on DVD on May 9, 2006

    Nanny McPhee

    Universal City, California, April 14, 2006 – Filled with fun, humor and adventure, magic is surely afoot in Nanny McPhee, hailed as “The new Mary Poppins! A magical adventure for all ages!” by Melanie Moon, WB-TV. Available on DVD on May 9, 2006 from Universal Home Studios Entertainment, Nanny McPhee is set in an enchanted world where anything is possible as a mysterious nanny employs her fantastical skills to tame a widower’s seven outrageously unruly children. The DVD provides non-stop entertainment for the entire family, with hilarious pranks, mischief and magic, plus a wealth of wild and wonderful bonus features. Nanny McPhee stars Oscar® winner Emma Thompson (Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban), Colin Firth (Bridget Jones's Diary) and Angela Lansbury (“Murder She Wrote”), and is directed by Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Devine). The DVD is priced at $29.98 SRP.

    Cedric Brown (Colin Firth) has recently lost his wife and is left with seven incorrigible children. The half-pint troublemakers drive away 17 nannies with their outrageous antics, until Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson), arrives at their door. Armed with a magical walking stick and a bushel of common sense, Nanny McPhee takes on the riotous Brown brood with startling results.


    Nanny McPhee abounds with extras that will delight the entire family again and again, including:

    · Casting the Children – A look at the process of casting the children, exploring their backgrounds and past experiences in acting. Includes the trials and tribulations of working with children and animals.

    Village Life – A behind the scenes look at how the Brown house and the village were created.
    Nanny McPhee Makeover – A look at how Emma Thompson was transformed into Nanny McPhee and subsequent transition from ugly Nanny to beautiful Nanny.
    How Nanny McPhee Came to Be – A featurette looking at the life and work of Christianna Brand and Edward Adrizzone.
    Feature Commentary with Director Kirk Jones and Children
    Feature Commentary with Actor Emma Thompson and Producer Lindsay Doran
    Plus a Hilarious Gag Reel, Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes and an Alternate Opening!


    In this wickedly charming tale, Emma Thompson portrays a mysterious woman with special powers who enters the household of the recently widowed Mr. Brown (Colin Firth) and attempts to tame his seven very naughty children. The children have managed to drive away 17 previous nannies, but as Nanny McPhee takes control, they begin to notice that their misbehaving has magical and startling consequences. “A magical, fantastic and wonderful fable that will capture the heart of the whole family!” (Maria Salas, NBC-TV)

    For more information please visit:

    Director: Kirk Jones

    Screenplay By: Emma Thompson
    Based upon the “Nurse Matilda” books by: Christianna Brand
    Produced By: Lindsay Doran, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
    Executive Producers: Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin
    Director of Photography: Henry Braham, BSC
    Production Designer: Michael Howells
    Edited By: Justin Krish, Nick Moore
    Costume Designer: Nic Ede
    Music By: Patrick Doyle

    Cast: Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Kelly MacDonald, Angela Lansbury


    Street Date: May 9, 2006

    Copyright: 2006 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

    Price: $29.98 SRP
    Selection Number: 26310 (Full Frame); 26309 (Widescreen)
    Running Time: 1 Hour 39 Minutes
    Layers: Dual
    Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (Full Frame); 2.35:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
    Rating: PG (Mild Thematic Elements, Some Rude Humor and Brief Language)
    Technical Info: English, Spanish and French Dolby Digital 5.1; English SDH; Spanish and French Subtitles
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    This one surprised me. Really was enchanting and likeable. Looking forward to owning it. [​IMG]
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    This film is okay, but it's not the new MARY POPPINS, it's a new MARY POPPINS rip-off, and about one sixteenth as good as MARY. And I'm being generous with that statement.

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