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Second Unit
Jun 13, 2001
I am about to give up on Outlaw and the 950. From what I can tell, a used MC1 may be the next best choice. Used MC1's range anywhere from under 2k to around 3k depending on age and upgrades. Looking for help in selecting a used unit.

What were the upgrades and costs that were available for the MC1? Hardware? Software?

Considering its age, what are the most significant deficiencies?

Is it still a serious contender?




John Morris

Tom: If I absolutely could not wait another month for the Outlaw 950, I'd opt for the B&K Reference 30. I tried a DC-1(too digital and noisy) and then an MC-1 and although the MC-1 was much better then the DC-1, I still preferred the Ref 30 for music playback. So, I'd recommend that you check out the Ref 30 unless you just couldn't do without the Logic 7 DSP mode, then get the MC-1. Still, my first and best advice would be to wait for the Outlaw 950 unit... that extra $1200 savings can buy alot of cables, DVDs, CDs, etc...


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 8, 2000
Used, traded in MC-1 can be had for around 2-2.25 k$.

Such price shoudl get you a complete (manual, remote, body in v.good shape, software ver 4.0).

There will be no more upgrades to this unit - neither hardware nor new software. So you are stuck with DD, DTS, Logic 7.

What you will be missing - DPL II, component switching.

I was in a similar position - and purchased used MC-1 for my living room, where we do not watch tv, only listen to music (Cd-changers, vinyl). 1.5 months later whole family is very happy. Majority of the time we use Music surrond, with some trips to pure Logic 7 or Panorama; there are few CD which are dreadfull under any type of 3-D processing, so we use 2-channels or party (6 chan stereo).

From time to time I do compare how 2 channel sounds against Logic-7 and every time I switch back to L-7. Yes, 2 challel is nice - you won't be able to pinpoint speakers in either mode; L-7 surrounds you, 2 channel is in front of you.

My room is large, 17x19x32 2 stries high living room, open to kitchen, other rooms for total of 9000 qubic feet.

Speakers are 4 x Active-40, 2 x Studio ADP feed via Parasound 1500HCA.

If you can afford it, go for MC-1 and don't look back for next 3 years...


Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999
Tom: Here is a post that I started after purchasing my MC-1. BUY from an authorized dealer. There is a post on AVS forum which addresses a crook, who is seling Lexicon's for reasonable numbers and not delivering the units. I almost bought from him (discountphoto). Good Luck...ps, run a search, you can find more info

Herb Kane

May 7, 2001
Excellent thread Ron... and congrats. It appears as though, you are pleased.


Not only is it a serious contender, I still feel it is the best pre/pro on the market for the price (especially in light of the fact it's going for half of what I paid for mine). If you are serious about HT and want a pro that also does 2 channel very well, the MC-1 should not be overlooked. If you are interested in "options" ie. component switching, multi-channel music, DPLII, the MC-1 may not be for you. If you want a solid processor that does an amazing job with HT, the MC-1 is hard to beat. Remember, the MC-1 will not be upgraded, so future options are out of the question. Also remember, if you purchase an MC-1 that has already been traded in for the current MC-12, you will not be allowed to use it as a trade in for the new Lexicon processor scheduled to be out late next year.

Personally I feel the MC-1 will be current for quite some time as I don't foresee any new formats surfacing in the near future that would render the MC-1 obsolete. There's already more than enough formats out right now and the list for many, is not very extensive....

When I narrowed down my search earlier in the year, I had it down to the MC-1, Proceed and Meridian, and I picked the MC-1 for several reasons; mainly it's sound (ability to process), Logic7, ease of setup, and it's ability to be upgraded (we'll save that conversation for another thread...). My only complaint of the unit is it's looks. It truly is butt ugly, but if that's our only complaint, we're in pretty good shape.

I'm certainly not going to knock the Outlaw as I have never seen one much less heard one, but I truly believe the MC-1 is in a different league.

Good luck,

Herb Kane.

Don O'Brien

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2000
I believe the MC1 is steal at the price of 2 to 2.5K, but the value on units traded in for an upgrade to the MC12/B should be somewhat less than those that are simply used or store demos. Lexicon has indicated that there will be a subsequent trade in program for an MC 12 "lite" that will not be available to those DC2 and MC1s already traded against an MC12 (current product).

Bottom line, the DC2/MC1 line may not be available for future software uprades, but they will be available for trade toward a product with more current functionality if they were not traded against the MC12.

Since the outlaw is not available, an ABX comparison is impossible. If the outlaw offers 75% of the performance of the the Lex, it will be a killer product.

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