1. I bought my set day one, but spotted two used sets recently around SW Chicagoland.

    Figured I'd post the locations for anyone who's interested:

    - An incomplete set (just the fold-out DVD holder) can be found for $42 at the Gamestop on Rt59 across from Fox Valley Mall in/near Naperville.

    - A complete set (big head) can be found for $59 at the Fey in Orland Mall of Orland Park.
  2. Caved in and bought the BG PS2 game for $20 today.

    I believe this is the lowest price that new copies will sell for before remaining stock is exhausted.

    Also note that the game contains a rebate for $10 in conjunction with the purchase of the DVD series.

    You need to send in the DVD PoP and *both* receipts.

    The DVD PoP is on the black paper which was glued to the back of the Big-Head release.

    Not sure if the smaller release had a PoP...

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