Use my Pro Elite's speaker as Center Channel?

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    I just bought a Pioneer Pro Elite 530 RP (waiting on delivery). I am trying to get my speaker setup figured out. I will be using my Epicure model 3's for left and right, a Boston Acoustics PV600 sub, and I need to figure out the rest!
    Was wondering if it makes sense to use the Pioneer's speaker as my center channel. I am not trying to take shortcuts here, if the sound or speaker quality doesn't make sense, I'll buy a good center channel. I just presume since this is a pretty high end unit, the speakers in it ought to be pretty high quality as well.
    Appreciate any thoughts/advice on this, (as well as any recommendations for surrounds) My room is about 22x24, hardwood floor, 9'cieling. Ent. center is in a bump out in center of the long wall, and is 8'wx6'h'4'd. Driving speakers with Integra 8.2
    Thanks much for any feedback
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    It won't match the other speakers in your room, and will probably be significantly worse sounding. It's best to go with a dedicated center. You should try it though.

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