Use built-in crossover on sub for music?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by EdNichols, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Was just reading an article where they were reviewing subs and the tester used the LFE channel on the reciever for movies but used the built-in crossover control on the sub for music? Does this make a difference in the sound? Maybe this explains why my sub sounds boomy sometimes when I listen to music since I just let the receiver send the signal from the LFE for music also? Any comments?
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    Could be the receiver/prepro they used doesn't feature adequate or any bass management. They'd be able to play a 5.1 movie soundtrack, which already has a dedicated LFE track. Of course, without bass management you're running your mains full range, and of course some movies DO contain low frequency sounds on the main channels which might be better off coming out a subwoofer. But if you listen to a stereo track without a receiver with bass management to seperate out the low frequencies, the sub isn't going to enter the equation unless you find a crossover somewhere. Which is fine if you've got adequate mains for that job, unless of course you're trying to review a subwoofer.

    Personally I'd say you'd almost always want to use the BM in your receiver, or an ICBM module, unless there's a reason you can't.
  3. Chris Tsutsui

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    I've found that I dislike the quality of my plate amp's high pass/low pass crossover. The bass sounded lifeless and dull compared to live sounding when using a direct LFE connection. (The receiver doing the distribution)

    I suppose live sounding had a bit more boom to it which I just enjoy.

    I'd have to do some more testing because I don't know if my plate amp was receiving a full range signal, and the speaker wire I used was 10 yr old factory car 24ga wire I scrapped.

    It was a night and day difference though with the bass at least. In short, I'd say this does have a change in sound if the crossover in your amp is poor quality. I'd at least give it a shot though and see if you like it better.

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