USA Today article with Avi Arad...Warner please hire this guy!....

Discussion in 'Movies' started by todd s, Jun 6, 2003.

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    I was just reading today's (6/6) USA Today article with Avi Arad who is head of Marvel Entertainment. Now, here is a guy who is a fan and in charge. Here are some excerpts of what was said:

    "Arad seems to love all of the 4,700 characters who populate Marvel's comic book world. And he is protective of the few he lets venture onto the big screen. When an early script version of Spider-Man had the hero slashing someone's throat, Arad stepped in. "That would be the end of everything," he told the writers. "Spider-Man kills nobody."

    "Arad serves as producer or executive producer for all of Marvel's movies. Marvel has creative control over its properties, to maintain the integrity of the characters, but contracts with other studios to physically produce the films."

    This is the most important quote:

    "When you talk with him, it's like talking with any other comic book fan," says Ben Affleck, who played the title role in this year's Daredevil.
    "He's a savvy business guy, but he's also a fan," says Affleck. "That's the key to doing comic book movies well. You have to respect the material or the diehard fans won't buy it. Avi respects the material and the fans."

    I really hope someone from DC and Warner are reading and learning.
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    Well, they did allow Spidey to let Ben's killer die. In the comics, I'm pretty sure he would have saved him (and the killer was IIRC just arrested by the police, not killed in the comic book story).

    It actually bothered me quite a bit that they didn't make Spidey at least try to save him. I'm glad they didn't let him slash someone's throat.

    I agree that the Marvel characters have been handled pretty well so far, I hope they keep it up. of course, one thing they should do is let the movie origin of The Punisher be the same as that in the comics. Frank Castle shouldn't be a puny ex-FBI agent, he should be an ex-special forces killing machine...

  3. Nick Graham

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    Oct 16, 2001
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    And also fire Thomas Jane and bring back DOLPH!!!![​IMG]

    *Yes, that was a joke....
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    I have faith in Thomas Jane and Punisher film...I think its gonna be good...

    And yes...WB needs to get their shit together...and get out a comic that instantly comes to mind is The Flash...that would make a hell of a film...and theres never been a big screen film of The Flash!
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    Avi needs to stay where he is, but DC needs to get active in maintaining the integrity of the movies and coordinating it all with Warner. Right now, they're just watching from the sidelines while Warner messes everything up.
    They need an Avi clone to handle it all! [​IMG]
    or at least an Avi wannabe. :p)

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