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US Open: Sampras looked like an old man... (1 Viewer)

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Pete Sampras looked like an old man against the 20 year Lleyton Hewitt in the finals of the US Open today. Sampras got beat 7-6 (7-4), 6-1, 6-1. It did not bode well for Sampras has his serve was broken in the 1st game of the 1st set. Hewitt passed him with his backhand with regularity while Sampras just stood there while Hewitt painted the corners, and Sampras didn't look like he could get low enough to put away volleys at the net and instead punched quite a few of them into the net, on his way to 30+ unforced errors. Sampras's serve was broken with regularity in the 2nd and 3rd set.
It's probably time for Pete to consider retiring...
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Corbin Stirn

Second Unit
Dec 22, 1999
I hate to have to say this, but I'm starting to get turned off on Sampras(at least at thew US Open). This is the 3rd time now that I have watched him get rubbed out BADLY in a US Open Final. I watched the time he played Stefan Edberg in 91 or 92, when's Stefan's career was essentially over, and he was drilled..........I think he was even blanked in one of those sets. Then last year AND this year he was made to look OLD. He didn't move well..............and considering what Hewitt said during the Dent match, I sure as HELL didn't want Hewitt to win. He is a great player......but there is no way that someone as good as Sampras should be annihilated in 3 US finals like he has been. He beat Agassi, Rafter, and Safin......and was impressive doing so.......but then didn't show up for the final. Andre had about as tough a draw in 93 when he was unranked as Sampras had this year and he managed to win the whole thing.
I feel that Agassi or Rafter would have beaten Hewitt in the final. Kudos to Sampras by beating those 2, but not to his awful performance in the final. Kind of galls me when our US men can't even win OUR tournament..............Dang Aussies have won it now 3 out of the past 4 years. Course, turnabout is fair play..........Andre and Sampras have been winning their national tournament a lot lately, and Courier before that :). Oh well........that was my rant............maybe next year Roddick or Andre can win it. Until Sampras wins a French Open title, he is not the best player in my book.....and I won't be rooting for him.


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May 7, 1999
I have to say that I was a little suprised at how fresh Hewitt looked. Agassi may be a better return of server, but Hewitt move so quickly and with such great balance that unless he gets injured(foot??) he should have a good career.
I'm suprised how badly Sampras got nailed. His passing shots had nothing on them, he couldn't get to the net...why...bad approaches, and his serve, that helped on a 74 games unbroken streak, fell apart.
Sampras is considered the best singles player ever. We said nothing about being the best tennis player ever. That honour would go to Johnny Mac before Sampras....IMO :)
Brent L

Darren H

Second Unit
May 10, 2000
The main thing that surprised me was how rattled Sampras became during the very first game. He questioned a call on one of the first points and never seemed to recover mentally.
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Stacy Huff

Second Unit
Jul 13, 1999
Hewitt is a good player and he played incredible tennis Sunday. He also didn't get much of a workout on Saturday since Kafelnikov got blasted. Pete played three tough matches last week. I think it is a little too soon to write him off.

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