Urth Caffé -- woohoo! (Los Angeles)

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Adam_S, Apr 11, 2004.

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    I''ve never been much of a fan of coffee, I could stand the occasional mocha, and I've had one cappacino I actually liked, but for the most part I've always wondered how people drank the stuff. Well my friends and I hit Urth Caffé tonight and not only was the coffee good, but it was great! I really enjoyed drinking it! and now it's three AM and man am I wired! (which is great for the all-nighter I"m pulling to finish a big paper).

    I had the Spanish Latte which includes a touch of sweetened condensed milk to make it froth up extra creamy, it was DAMN good. This place is definitely high on my list of places-to-take-people-that-visit-me-in-L.A.

    Highly recommended, excellent stuff. The only caveat is that they close at a ridiculous hour, midnight, and there were at least thirty to forty people still hanging around chitchatting and orders until fifteen minutes past. It's a coffee shop, they should be open later! Though I suppose I do sympathize having worked food service myself. but we always died about two hours before closing, so it was appropriate for us to close at the time we did.

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    Pass by it all the time, amused by the trendsters sipping their java outdoors, next to The Bodhi Tree bookstore and the Pacific Design Center.

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