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URC question- MX-810 and base station?? (1 Viewer)

Oct 29, 2003
I was reading on this universal remote and it seems like it is what I need. I will be hooking up the below

Project - Panasonic AX200U
receiver- Onkyo 606
Blue ray player- Magnovox
original Xbox for XBMC
PC for streaming music/vids

I would like all the components in a cabinet and use the remote RF function.

Do I have to buy the base station for the remote? If so which one is better MRF-350 or MRF-260??? what is the difference between the two?

Also how do you hook it up so that you dont have to point to the devices?




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You need the 250 antenna for the 350 to work. I'd just stick with the 260 receiver.

Yes you need to buy a base station to use RF. There are IR 'emitters' that stick over the IR sensor on each component, and then connect to the 260 module. The remote sends commands to the 260, then sends those commands over each IR emitter to your receiver/blu-ray/projector etc. You can see the emitters in this picture: Universal Remote Control MRF-350 Addressable Narrow Band RF Base Station with RFX-250 Antenna - MRF-350 - Buy.com

The 260 only has 2 outputs for IR emitters, and the other 2 outputs are for directly plugging in a mini-jack plug into the back of your receiver and other components that accept this type of connection. I think only your receiver will have this. An IR emitter needs to go to each component, and I'm pretty sure you can use 3.5mm splitters in order to use the 5 IR emitters you will need. You can purchase IR emitters from companies like Smart Home and Parts Express. I'd double check that you can use splitters though, as the 350/260 have 'addressable' outputs in case you have identical components. This comes in really handy if you have say 4 cable boxes on the same rack. You can tell the 350/260 that 'port 1 is cable box 1, port 2 is cable box 2, etc.' If they only work in this way, then you can't split the signal to 2 different components because it's only sending a signal to 1 of them. remotecentral.com is a good place for information if someone here doesn't know.

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