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    My friend gave me his used MX-3000 remote and I can not find the software anywhere for it. I called URC and they said that any time the the customer adds new components to his or her home theater, the customer has to have the selling dealer/distributor come over and add the components. I told tham I live out of state from where it was purchased and the local dealer wants $200 a visit to program it. This could get very expensive! I simply asked them if I could buy the software, as I upgrade my home theater a couple of times a year all the time. They said no. Does anyone here know how to obtain the software? Or should I just get a Harmony 1000 instead of paying upwards of $200 a visit from my local URC dealer? Please help!
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    I use the Harmony 880 but if I had to do it again, I'd go with the 890 since it is RF to IR. I don't have to keep it pointed at the equipment. Adding equipment is a breeze.

    Sell the MX on Ebay and you should have enough money for almost any Harmony you want.

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