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Dec 28, 2001
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Ok everyone, here's the list of questions :)..

Right now, I have a 'Just PC' Case that I'm very happy with. It looks like a standard computer case, but has easy access to the guts of the machine with a snaplocked case, so no more screws wich is a godsend. It also has Firewire, USB and Audio ports in the front..

Now, I was looking at Radio Shack for Cable Organizing equipment, and saw a sweet lit up/blue light case that I beleive was a thermaltake. These cases just look so cool on the side, but I don't like how the front is organized. Is that a removeable panel you have to open everytime you want to pop open the DVD drive, or use a front USB port? They all seem to have that and don't show a picture of the front of the case. That's going to be really annoying....anyone have any better pictures of a good see through/light up case?

Then, while browsing newegg, I came across this cool little thing... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowIm...y+%2 D+Retail

Other than it's shaped more like a Gamecube in size, and takes up tons less space, can this be turned into a multi media PC? I'd need to fit in an ATI TV Tuner, a DVico HDTV Fusion, and a Creative Xi-Fi card. I'd also need to fit in two DVD drives and come February, one Blue Ray drive. also, the mother board on this must be pretty darned small. How much would one with a chip already on the board cost? Could I get the latest AMD 64 chip on it with 4GB ram?

I bought a registry cleaner for the computer called Your Uninstaller. After I gave it a go, it really did speed up the computer as fast as a reformat would have. But Video and Audio editing/loading really is stll kind of slow. I've been told an SCSI drive is the way to go. Anyone know of a non google search webpage that can show me the differences between all available HD's? i'm going to try winekpedia next..

Also, Monitors. Dell has a new 240WFP monitor out for around 990$'s. I was thinking of getting this one, but then I saw http://www.shopmiracle.com/vin3250w.html for the same price, and twiice as bit. This is gong to be for a computer desk, where I'm going to be no more than 10 feet away from the monitor or less. Anyone use either inthe same conditions? Also, are these going to be able to play Next Gen DVD discs?

Thanks :)


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Jun 14, 2002
The thing with that 32'' monitor you're linking to that I find bad is that the top resolution for a PC is 1360x768. My 19'' Dell monitor is 1280x1024. I imagine the size of that monitor is not being utilized since the resolution is not that high. For comparisons sake, Dell's 30'' LCD has a max resolution of 2560x1600.. Of course, it's over$2k. http://www.dell.com/content/products...=19&l=en&s=dhs

Regarding the small case, That box you are linking to at newegg looks pretty nice. I've also been considering getting a smaller media PC for my TV, then networking it to a different PC where I will keep all my video files. But I have several things in line in front of that, monetarily speaking, so I'm not looking into it as heavily as you are right now. I got the idea from watching a systm.org episode where they convert a Mac mini to a MythTV box.

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