Upgrading the Home Theater..... Advice?

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  1. Luke_H

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    Sep 25, 2000
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    I currently Own a Tosh tw56x81 and A Tosh 5109 DVD player.
    Now one of my buddies is seriously considering buying these items from me. THey have served well and I like them both, however I could use this as an excuse to upgrade.
    I think I want to step up to a 65inch. I like the mits 907 or the new 65 tosh. And the tosh SD6200 or the equivalent in the Mits/Sony line.
    I like the Mits because it splits in 2. However I have been overwhelmed by how great the tosh is.
    I have this setup connected to a DISH 6000 which is feeding both over the air HD and Satellite HD. I'm going to keep this.
    Any ideas as to what I should do...
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  2. Jeff Beverly

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    Aug 25, 1999
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    i am a big fan of the pioneer elite sets - i own the 510. have you condsidered the 710? a friend has this set & it is spectacular... alas, too big for my room, though...
    my $.02
  3. Chris S

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    Apr 9, 2000
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    Chris S
    I currently have a setup that is very similar to yours (have the TW40X81 instead). Personally I think that my next upgrade is going to be a front screen projector, but if I had to buy another HDTV I would definetly go with the Pioneer Elite series. As good as the picture quality is on the Toshibas, I find that it is just a bit better on the Elite series.
    I was wondering why you were upgrading from a 5109 to the 6200? [​IMG] I'm not overly familiar with the newer model and was wondering if there happens to be a drastic change between the two. Thanks, Chris
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