Upgrading PC+ to PB12-Ultra ... worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by AliS, Jun 3, 2005.

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    I haven't been keeping tabs on the subwoofer situation recently, so I was surprised (and impressed) to see the wood finish box subs that SVS has recently introduced - looks stunning!

    I currently have an SVS PC+ 25-31 that I've been very happy with ... but since we're going through a remodel, thoughts of upgrading have been flitting through my mind [​IMG]

    The wife has never been crazy about the "garbage can" aspect of the PC+ cylinder sub, anyway ... admittedly, it has a certain appeal all its own, but not terribly high WAF [​IMG] The new box subs, however, look like they could be an excellent compromise since they're avail in quality finishes (in particular, it's interesting that they're offered in rosewood, to match the Rocket speakers!).

    My concern, naturally, is whether this would be worthwhile upgrade, audio-wise? I'm leaning towards the PB12 Ultra, but the dual-woofer PB12-Plus/2 is also intriguing. Would appreciate any info/suggestions, particularly from people who may have gone from SVS' cylinder to the box subs!

    The room size, btw, is approx 15'x20' (8' ceilings).
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    That sounds like a good question to ask SVS directly. I'm sure they will be able to give you an answer.
  3. J. Redcay

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    I just received my PB12 Ultra. I also have had their cylinder subs (still have 1 of the 1st they made, downstairs in my other system). The current series of SVS box subs are
    truly stunning. They could easily pass for fine furniture.
    Your wife will love the looks. As for audio quality moving up
    to the PB12 Ultra from the PC+ cylinder will be an upgrade, without doubt. I just can't see any downside. I use both my
    new PB12 Ultra and my older (but still stunning in its own right) PB2 Ultra as end tables. They are a super complement
    to my living room......as furniture........not to even bring
    up their peerless quality of low bass performance. How SVS can produce quality at this price point still makes me ponder.
    But we are the beneficiary of this quality. You can't make a
    mistake with SVS.
  4. Mike Dee

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    Jun 4, 2005
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    AliS - I sent you a PM.
  5. steve nn

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    I think it would be, from relying on my past experience. The new enclosure option is nothing less than stellar considering the $$. They really are quality craftsmanship with full attention payed to detail. When I went from the PC-Ultra to the PB12-Ultra/2, I thought it was a major improvement. It's my opinion that the PB12-Ultra/2 has the better SQ. Maybe if I relived that transformation today now that I favor the 20Hz tune, I might think differently? I also considered going from the black textured PB12-Ultra/2 to the Cherry PB12-Ultra/2 quite an improvement ascetically wise. When my new PB12-Ultra's land this coming week, I expect my thinking to be firmed up regarding the tune and SQ corelating to the cylinder SQ.

    In the size room you describe both the PB12-Ultra and the PB12-Plus/2 will have plenty of headroom as long as theres nothing more to the story. Headroom alone always will have a positive effect on your bass experience. There is a certain quality factor the TV-12 driver brings to the table that is hard to describe. I guess smoother and not as raw is the best short descriptive I can come up with for you. Both units would give you quality performance though, with the PB12-Plus/2 exhibiting the greater headroom factor. If you tuned the Plus/2 down to 20Hz, it would close the gap a little.

    If you operate your 25-31PC+ within it's operating limits and move on to the PB12-Plus/2, you might not really notice a difference?, as long as their both calibrated correctly with optimal placement. The Plus/2 would basically give you more headroom. If your short on headroom, then the Plus/2 would definitely be a improvement.

    When I swapped out my 3 colocated 25-31CS+'s for the POB12-Ultra/2, I considered it a improvement. Not in total achievable dB performance but in SQ and behavioral characteristics of my bass. More SPL in the lower regions along with being better behaved and that little extra amount of smoothness the TV-12 driver provides. I also feel the Ultra/2 does a very good job tuned down to 20Hz where the 25-31+'s suffered a little.

    Everything I have stated is only my opinion and not fact by a long shot. Add EQ to the picture and who knows how it would change?? Your question is a hard one indeed and your own preferences come into play.

    I just had to move my PB10-ISD into the main (in place of my past Cherry PB12-Ultra/2) for a week or so waiting on my new purchase to arrive. I can whole hardily tell you> Now there's a big difference you would definitely notice (SPL) in a leaky room like mine along with SQ because of lack of headroom[​IMG]

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