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Upgrading mains from Klipsch RF-3IIs, suggestions? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 2, 2002
I currently have a pair of Klipsch RF-3IIs and the RF-3 Center for my front speakers. These are paired with a Denon AVR-3802 Receiver. I am currently building a dedicated hometheater room and am looking to upgrade my main speakers. While upgrading to the RF-7s would seem the obvious choice, I am very curious as to other offerings. I like the Klipsch speakers, however, find it a bit too easy to place audio from a specific speaker, and notice a slight pull on the soundstage due to the center speaker design. Essentially, I am looking for a smoother front soundstage than that provided by the RF-3s. The sound is also perhaps a bit bright, however, I have more than gotten used to the sound and fully intend on keeping the RF-3s around for second setup. If the RF-7s fix these slight niggles I have with the RF-3s, I would have no problem upgrading to them. The speakers will be paired eventually with two SVS PC+ 16-46 subwoofers (I currently have one, the other will be purchased around the time I purchase these speakers). I would like to spend around 2k but can go as high as 3k if necessary. Thank you in advance for your help!


Dec 8, 2001
Hi Tom,

If you are going to stay with a solid state HT receiver, than I would not upgrade to the RF-7. Horns are extremely revealing, and that level of transparancy is best reserved for gear devoid of grain and hash.

I do think it is a mistake for you to give up on the RF-3, which is actually a damn good value.

Personally, I think you should upgrade your sources, and make the RF-3's the best they can be. I think you should sell the Denon and move to a nice B&K unit, which would be a much better match for the horns. B&K stuff is killer on Klipsch Reference speakers.

Remember, it's not about watts, it's about clean power. 60 clean MOSFET watts will completely transform the RF-3.

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