Upgrading B&W system to 7.1. Need input.

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by DavidNighorn, Sep 30, 2003.

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    It is time to move to 7.1! My current setup is the CDM-7SE mains, CNTSE center, and DM601 rears. All of these speakers were purchased in 1999. The plan is to move the 601's to 'rear surround' duty. So what to do to replace the R+L surrounds?

    Option 1: Buy new mains (9NT). This should give some improvement in stereo music. But I would worry about inconsistency across the front soundstage when the center channel is involved.

    Option 2: Find some 7NT's or 7SE's and use them as the R+L surrounds. I cannot see any disadvantage to this except that it can be difficult to find these speakers.

    Option 3: Buy some 1NT's and press them into service as R+L surrounds. The advantage is that they are easy to find but a bit pricey. But how do you think they will integrate with the existing speakers for multichannel audio? Do they have the same general sound characteristics or am I going to notice when one of the 1NT's receives a signal panned from one of the fronts?

    Your help is appreciated!

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    The front stage is more critical, no question. I'm not sure how big a difference the CNTSE would be from 9NTs, but it will matter a LOT less with 1NTs as L+R surrounds than a mismatched front stage. IMO, check around Audiogon.com and see which you can find a deal on, and go with that. I've seen some very good deals on 1NTs there recently. SEs can often be found there for a good price as well.

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