upgrade time athena, klipsch or jbl

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Cisco_c, Nov 19, 2003.

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    I have a kenwood htb 504 and was looking to upgrade my speakers. My budget is $400 i was looking at the athena points 5, klipsch quintets or the JBL nsp1 systems. I will upgrade my sub later. I was at BB and listened to the athenas and klipsch I liked them both but i am leaning more towards the athenas because they seem to have more bass. I listen to music about 30% of the time. I didnt get a chance to listen to the JBLs but i have heard good things especially the price ($199 shipped). I would appreciate any advice thanks.
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    You sound about like me. I liked the Athena's better than the others you mentioned.. but if I may interject, I would recommend you heading to your local Paradigm dealer and checking on getting 4 atoms, a CC-170 for, max, $100 bucks more. Should be able to get those for under 500 and IMO, blows away all those.

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