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    I've got a Yamaha RX-V2092 driving a pair of PSB Image 6T mains with an Image 9C center and some older PSB towers in the rear. My sub is a SVS 20-39CS.
    I'm pretty happy with the sound of the Yamaha in surround mode, 2-channel sounds pretty flat and lifeless to me. I'm hoping to find something that works well in stereo as well as the surround modes. I'd like DPL-2, since I watch a lot of TV and pro-logic encoded material.
    I was considering buying a multi-channel amp now, possibly the Outlaw 750, and adding a pre/pro later, possibly the Outlaw, maybe something like a B&K. The Outlaw is much more attractive from a cost perspective, although we have no idea how it will actually perform yet.
    Alternately, I could go with another receiver like the Denon 3802, and then add an amp later.
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    Rob, I am not familiar with your Yamaha receiver, but it could be that one of the A/V receivers you are considering will sound better in two-channel mode. I bought a Sony STR-V444ES receiver last September and have been very happy with it. For a $1000 receiver (I paid $640), I feel it is very capable both in stereo and surround mode. However, to get better music performance, I decided to add an NAD C 370 integrated stereo amp. I use it now for all stereo music sources. It is superior to my 'V444ES. To have gotten significantly better stereo performance out of an A/V receiver, I would have had to have spent far more than the $525 the C 370 cost. Furthermore, I have been perfectly happy with the 'V444ES in home theater applications, so I didn't see the need for a new A/V receiver. In the end, I am very happy with the current set-up. The C 370 is great for stereo music, while the 'V444ES peforms very well with DVDs, VHS tapes, LDs, and surround-sound music.
    If you want to learn more about the NAD C 370, check it out at www.nadelectronics.com . Furthermore, Sound City (1-800-370-3156) discounts NAD gear and is an authorized dealer. I bought the C 370 from them for $525. Retail price is $700.
    I realize that having both stereo and surround-sound amps in one room is not conventional, but it works well for me. You might consider going that route. A quality stereo amp is an excellent value, relative to what a comparably peforming surround-sound receiver will cost.
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