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Upgrade or not...oh the dilemmas of life (1 Viewer)

Rick Westfall

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Dec 8, 1998
About three years ago I was able to set up my first true HT room. I have loved the set up but did need to pinch some pennies getting there. I now have some spending money and am wondering if I need to upgrade my speaker system or at least the mains and center. For sure the sub is getting upgraded to an SVS. My current set up is the upper end line of the HTD speakers so the sub definitely needs an upgrade. Questions are:

  1. Will I realize a significant difference if I upgrade the mains and center?
  2. Does it matter if I don't upgrade the sides and rears? Those are HTD as well and I'm satisfied with their performance.
  3. If upgrading is suggested, what brand is a good starting point? I have about $2K to play with after the sub purchase but certainly don't need to spend that much.

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm going to start at Axiom and go from there. Also, I'm powering all of this with a Denon 2807 if that matters.


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