Upgrade JBL 7.1 Setup to Energy RC-70 Setup?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by ffactoryxx, Sep 24, 2012.

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    So basically I have the following setup in my basement right now.
    Its a about a 20x12' room with my TV one of the 12' walls with my speakers on either side. The floor is Tile on a slab with a big area rug over it. Its a nice Rectangular area'
    Currently have a setup I built back in 2002
    Fronts- JBL S-310
    Center - JBL S-Center
    Surround - JBL N26's
    7.1 Surrounds - JBL 24's
    Sub - Sony SW40
    Receiver - Onkyo RC360
    TV - Mitsubishi 65" DLP
    I have been toying with upgrading the sounds system in my Home/Theater - Game Room and moving the current to my Living room.
    I guess the real question is will I hear significant differences with the following over what i currently have.
    Looked at
    Fronts - Energy RC-70
    Center - Energy LCR
    Surrounds - RC - 10
    (potential RC-10's for 7.1 if I decide to go that way)
    Right there I would be looking at around $1100 to overhall just the speakers. The sub can be the last to upgrade as I am in a townhouse and keep my base moderately mid level anyway.
    So few questions....
    1. Would that upgrade be worth it and how significant of a difference will I hear?
    2. Would my receiver be powerful enough to handle these speakers?
    3. Would there be cheaper options that would still be a huge upgrade but cheaper than the energy route. i have seen Polks, Energy V6.2, etc.
    4. Is my space to small for Badboys like Energy, etc.
    Thanks in advance. Just trying to flesh out my thoughts here.
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    1. The RC70 achieve a slightly better low end, but the lowest crossover in Onkyo is 40hz, so it doesn't matter.
    2. The RC70 are 1db more efficient, so they'll take 1/3rd less power than the JBL you have now.
    3. Where do we begin???
    4. You could fit Klipschorn if you had $4000 per speaker.

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