Upgrade/Hack for Pioneer 811S to enable Re-EQ

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Stephen Hopkins, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I started a thread similar to this a few days ago, but it has dropped off of the board, so i'm gonna post again.

    I'm curious if it would be possible to upgrade, or hack, the Pioneer VSX-D811S to enable Re-EQ. The reason i think it could be possible is because i read a post saying that the 811S and the Elite 41 share the same build components, other than their amplification stage. The same post said that the 811S had the hardware capability for Re-EQ, but it was disabled, and only enabled on the Elite 41.

    If you have any comments to why it would be or wouldn't be possible, please reply.

    If you know how to do this, PLEASE REPLY!

    Also, in a somewhat related matter, would it be possible to order a VSX-41 front face and knobs from Pioneer and put them on my 811S? I really like the look of that glossy urushi finish and am to cheap (college kid) to buy an Elite receiver.

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    It's probably a firmware difference -as opposed to a hardware difference. In other words, Re-EQ would be in software rather than hardware. The Elite 41 has that software while the 811S does not.

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