?UPGRADE? drivers on lower end speakers towers?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Nathan Smith, May 5, 2003.

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    i have a nice set of fluance speakers they are the best sounding speakers in the price range, darn good for a $200 5 speakers set.

    anyway these speakers towers seem to be very solid.. and im lazy so would it be a worth while to replace the drivers in these 3way towers with somthing higher end from partsexpress.com or somthing?

    here is a link to the speakers http://www.fluance.com/fluanceavhtb.html

    thx guyz if this is a good idea what is a good brand of drivers?
  2. taking an existing 2-way speaker and trying to use it's existing XO with new higher end drivers is like trying to up grade a 1ghz computer by dipping your hand into a grab bag filled with 1,000 CPU's starting from the legacy 486's and going up to a 1.2ghz with only 2 or so CPU's exceeding 1ghz.

    now with a 3 way, you might as well make it 10,000 cpu's with still only 2 that exceed 1ghz.

    the XO is the brains to any speaker.

    ultra high end drivers, enclosure, XO parts etc with an mediocre XO typically yields a mediocre sounding speaker.


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