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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by StevieC, Feb 27, 2002.

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    How often do you guys upgrade your equipment ? How old is your stuff ? When the budget allows ? When the WAF approves ? When new format (SACD, 7.1, DPII, etc) comes out ? Or does anyone wait til it breaks ? :)

    Receivers ?

    Amplifiers ?

    Processors ?

    Speakers ?

    I would think that a speakers don't change that often, so buy what you like and stretch the budget more here and same probably true with the amplifier.

    As formats change, it makes the other electronics age faster.

    My speakers are 12+ years old. :) But of course I am dying to upgrade them.
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    Nov 21, 2001
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    Stevie...I am in the minority on this forum. I hardly EVER upgrade. But when I do, I go full bore, extend way past what I should be getting and enjoy it for about 5-8 years minimum. I'm going through an upgrade now. Here is a list of my former stuff and when I purchased it, and a list of my current stuff. I plan to have this current system for 5 years minimum. By the way, I do not chase the current formats, but choose formats based on what I think I will enjoy for many years and only upgrade when my current gear simply doesn't cut the mustard any longer.

    Old Gear

    Receiver - Harman Kardon AVR-35 (purchased 1998)

    Speakers - Acoustic Research Rock Partner bookshelves (1989)

    Subwoofer - Mirage BPS-100 (1994)

    Surrounds - Cambridge Soundworks "The Surround" (1998)

    Source - Yamaha CDP-91 (1993)

    DVD Player - Sony DVD-360 (1998) (this is my weak link and my next upgrade)

    Current Gear

    Processor - Anthem AVM-20 (2002)

    Amp - Anthem MCA-5II (2001)

    Speakers - Paradigm Reference CC, 40's and 20's (2001)

    Source - Sony SCD-555ES (2001)

    Subwoofer - Mirage BPS-100 (good enough for now)

    DVD - Sony DVD-360 (like I said, my next upgrade)

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