Upgrade a Velodyne F1000-B?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Robin Casady, Feb 28, 2002.

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    Should I upgrade a Velodyne F-1000-B? It was made in 1992. It is being used in a living room HT with:

    Denon 3802

    NHT 2.5i mains

    NHT AudioCenter2

    4 NHT 1.5 as surrounds

    NHT AudioCenter1 rear

    Toshiba TW40X81 HDTV

    1. Have there been significant improvements since then?

    2. What would be gained by upgrading?

    3. What would you recommend as an upgrade that would go well with the NHT speakers?

    I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly, but I've been reading comments about some subwoofers not keeping up with the music and just putting out a low boom. I don't have the sophistication to judge a subwoofer without an A-B comparison and don't have a way to make that comparison. I tend to appreciate improvements after they happen, but don't really know what I'm missing beforehand. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I'm upgrading from a Velodyne 810x to a SVS 25-31CS and would imagine the new SVS will have more impact in my music and HT than the smaller Velodyne.

    I see that the F1000 and the 810X were similar subs in their day.

    The 810X was no slouch and always sounded great with movies but since I've added the CT-120, I do notice the 810X is being blown away by the bigger sub.

    By adding a SVS sub along with the bigger Velodyne I hope to even out the sound a bit.

    I may even go with 2 SVS subs like many people have if the SVS works out to my satisfaction. We will see real soon!

    If you like your Velodyne it may be best to keep it, I loved my 810X but now that I have a Velodyne CT-120 and will soon have the SVS, my HT will obviously have more impact in movies and music.

    To me it's always worth upgrading, especially if you can find a nice home for the older sub like I have.


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