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    Hi all, I am new to HT. I just acquired a hand-me down

    Kenwood KR-V8050 receiver (whos surround options are limited to DSP, DSP LOGIC, 3 STEREO, PRO LOGIC & BYPASS),

    2 Tannoy 609s &

    1 AR MC.1 centre speaker.

    These were pretty ok in the Video CD (VCD) era, & the Panasonic SL-VS502 VCD player plays music quite well too.

    But I'd like to upgrade so that I can watch DVDs on DTS & Dolby...how can I do this while still keeping my existing equipment?

    And can anyone recommend rears that are compatible with the 609s? They will be wall mounted, so I don't want them so big.

    My living area is quite small measuring 2.5m by 4m.

    Thank you in advance....this is so exciting !!
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    You can listen to DVDs that have DD or DTS soundtracks, but you'll need to use a DVD player that has stereo analog outputs. Most do. The player will dowmix a DD 5.1 soundtrack and produce a ProLogic output. That will provide surround sound when you use the 8050's ProLogic decoding. To listen directly to the Dolby Digital or DTS soundtracks, however, you'd have to replace the receiver with a newer model.

    Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with your speakers and can't make any specific suggestions. Usually the surround speakers don't have to be an exact match to your front speakers, though. I'd suggest visiting some of your local audio stores and listening to what they have. Your Kenwood only supplies 20 watts per channel in the surround channels, so you'll need to make sure you get effecient speakers. Their specs should say something like "95dB sensitivity" or higher.

    I hope this helps a little.

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