Updated schedule with as many "correct" release dates as possible for both formats

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    The reason I put the word correct in speech marks is because who knows what's gonna change in the next couple of months going by what's happened so far.

    All HD-DVD dates up until the end of May & Blu-Ray dates up until the end of June with both day & month are direct from the studio this week (bar Rumor Has It which is on the assumption it's still day & date with the DVD), ie Sony 2nd wave plus others such as Chronos updated.

    H Apr18 Last Samurai (Special Edition) (Warner) (2003)
    H Apr18 Million Dollar Baby (Warner) (2004)
    H Apr18 Phantom Of The Opera (2004) (Warner) (2004)
    H Apr18 Serenity (Universal) (2005)
    H Apr25 Doom (Unrated Extended Edition) (Universal) (2005)
    H Apr25 Apollo 13 (Universal) (1995)
    H Apr25 Chronos (Digital Reference Series Special Edition) (R&B Films) (1985)
    H May9 Cinderella Man (Universal) (2005)
    H May9 Assault On Precinct 13 (2005) (Universal) (2005)
    H May9 Jarhead (Universal) (2005)
    H May9 Rumor Has It... (Warner) (2005)
    H May23 Bourne Supremacy (Universal) (2004)
    H May23 Chronicles Of Riddick: Unrated Director's Cut (Universal) (2004)
    H May23 U-571 (Universal) (2000)
    H May23 Van Helsing (Universal) (2004)
    B May23 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Sony Pictures) (2004)
    B May23 50 First Dates (Sony Pictures) (2004)
    B May23 Fifth Element (Sony Pictures) (1997)
    B May23 Hitch (Sony Pictures) (2005)
    B May23 House Of Flying Daggers (Sony Pictures) (2004)
    B May23 Knight's Tale (Sony Pictures) (2001)
    B May23 xXx (Sony Pictures) (2002)
    B May23 Chronos (Digital Reference Series Special Edition) (R&B Films) (1985)
    B May23 Last Waltz (Sony Pictures) (1978)
    H May Ocean's Twelve (Warner) (2004)
    H May Constantine (Warner) (2005)
    H May Batman Begins (Special Edition) (Warner) (2005)
    H May Lethal Weapon (Warner) (1987)
    H May Training Day (Warner) (2001)
    H May Unforgiven (Warner) (1992)
    H May Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (Warner) (2005)
    H May Goodfellas (Warner) (1990)
    H May Matrix (Warner) (1999)
    H May Swordfish (Warner) (2001)
    H May Blazing Saddles (Warner) (1974)
    H May Dukes Of Hazzard (2005) (Warner) (2005)
    H May Full Metal Jacket (Warner) (1987)
    H May Green Mile (Double Disc Special Edition) (Warner) (1999)
    H May Troy (Warner) (2004)
    H May Dirty Dozen (Warner) (1967)
    H May Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines (Warner) (2003)
    H May Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Warner) (2005)
    H May Fugitive (Warner) (1993)
    B Jun6 Underworld: Evolution (Sony Pictures) (2005)
    H Jun6 Firewall (Warner) (2006)
    H Jun13 16 Blocks (Warner) (2006)
    H Jun13 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Warner) (2005)
    H Jun20 Syriana (Warner) (2005)
    B Jun27 Crash (2004) (Lions Gate) (2004)
    B Jun27 Kung Fu Hustle (Sony Pictures) (2004)
    B Jun27 Legends Of The Fall (Sony Pictures) (1994)
    B Jun27 RoboCop (Sony Pictures) (1987)
    B Jun27 Species (Sony Pictures) (1995)
    B Jun27 Stealth (Sony Pictures) (2005)
    B Jun27 S.W.A.T. (SWAT) (Sony Pictures) (2003)
    B Jun27 Terminator (Sony Pictures) (1984)
    B Jun27 Lord Of War (Lions Gate) (2005)
    B Jun27 Punisher (2004) (Lions Gate) (2004)
    B Jun27 Saw (Lions Gate) (2004)
    B Jun27 Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Lions Gate) (1991)
    H Jun Searchers (Double Disc Special Edition) (Warner) (1956)
    H July V For Vendetta (Warner) (2005)
    B July Devil's Rejects (Lions Gate) (2005)
    B July Dune (2000) (Lions Gate) (2000)
    B July Reservoir Dogs (Lions Gate) (1992)
    B July Stargate (Lions Gate) (1994)
    B July Total Recall (Lions Gate) (1990)
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    Cool1 Looking forward to Serenity, Last Samurai and Terminator 2!!
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    Gee, thanks Johnny!
  4. Jesse Skeen

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    Booooooo! (Unless there's actually 8 hours on both discs!)
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    Tony D.
    just read an article that said.

    "Studios are shipping fewer than 10,000 copies of each title, in accordance with Toshiba’s initial shipment of 10,000 players."

    also said million dollar baby was postponed.


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