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Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
In the great and hallowed tradition of DVD traders the world over, I present you with the new and hopefully improved version of my trade list. Several titles have been added, and many titles that still sit crying on my shelf because neither I nor anyone else apparently wants them are re-presented with increased hyperbole for your rejection pleasure. As always, any that aren’t sealed are in mint condition unless noted. I’m open to multiples on the older and lesser titles if the offer is right...

Once again: All offers will be responded to, which is as it should be

For Trade

Rare/Hard to Find/Out of Print
Army of Darkness: LE (numbered, 2-disc; OOP)
City Lights (Chaplin) OOP
Dracula (1979; Langella)OOP
Kiss of the Vampire (sealed) (Hammer) OOP
Night of the Living Dead-30th Anniversary: LE (numbered)
Walt Disney Treasures: Davy Crockett (sealed) OOP
Walt Disney Treasures: Complete Goofy (sealed)TRADED
Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Black & White (sealed)TRADED

Not-Quite-So-Rare/A Bit Easier to Find/Pretty Much In Print; But Still Lovely Titles to Add to Your Burgeoning Collection
Austin Powers: Goldmember (WS)
Armageddon (non cc; sealed)
Barfly (case is lightly scuffed)
Black Hawk Down
Bowfinger (DTS)
Don’t Look Back (Pennebaker; Bob Dylan)
Jaws (DD) (sealed; "Ahm talkin' about SHARKIN'!")
Life is Beautiful
Men In Black (DTS)
Minority Report (FS; maybe you have a cousin who hates “those black bars”)
The Pledge (Sean Penn directs Nicholson...’nuff said)
Real Life (Albert Brooks’ way-ahead-of-its-time “reality” movie)
Road Trip (R-Rated)
The Rocking Horse Winner (HVE, Criterion’s sister company)TRADED
Tell Me Something (Korean thriller; Kino)TRADED
Uzumaki (bizarre Japanese horror...good stuff; R3 NTSC)
The Spy Who Loved Me SE (original SE release)
Tenderness of the WolvesTRADED

From the Isle of Misfit Toys: 2 for 1s for decent titles
Basket Case (1st release…snapper case less than perfect, but disc is mint)
City on Fire (Dimension release; DD 5.1 English dub)
Ghost Goes Gear (1966; A/B; Spencer Davis Group; trippy, man)
Hellhounds on My Trail: The Afterlife of Robert Johnson (Great Blues legend)
Mimic (giant roaches from the dir. of Blade 2 and Devil’s Backbone)
Re-Animator (original 1-disc release; still a great, packed-with-extras disc)
Romancing the Stone (Kathleen Turner before she permanently became a man)
Singin' in the Rain (1-disc)
Starship Troopers TRADED
Witches of Eastwick (from Nicholson Collection...not in wrapper, but sealed with protection sticker on side)

Baldur’s Gate: Deadly Alliance (Xbox)
Project Gotham Racing (Xbox)


Mighty Hankerin’ Fer These (and will trade very well for them)
Black Adder Collection*****
Prisoner Collection*****

Deep Yen For These As Well
Beatles Anthology***
The Shield S1**
Day For Night
West Side Story (new release)***
Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean***
Kurosawa's Dreams
Ran (Masterworks)
Singin’ in the Rain SEGOT IT
20 Million Miles to Earth*
Barton Fink
Miller's Crossing
Cinema Paradiso (new release)
German Masterworks Box GOT IT
Kiki's Delivery Service
My Neighbor Totoro
Castle in the Sky
The Andromeda Strain (new release)
Battle Royale (R2, 2-disc preferred; any will do) GOT IT
Giallo Collection**
Spaghetti Western Collection
Alec Guinness Collection
Cape Fear (1962)
Mysterious Island
13 Ghosts (1960)
The Tingler
Shadow of a Doubt
To Catch a Thief
Trouble With Harry
Breathless (1960)
Chaplin’s Mutuals Vols. 1-3
Chaplin Essanay Comedies Vols. 1-3
Keaton and Arbuckle V.2
The Slapstick Encyclopedia
Tillie’s Punctured Romance
The Stone Tape***
Jeeves and Wooster: Complete 3rd & 4th Seasons
Ring 2**
Ring Virus
Witchfinder General (R2)
Sleepless (widescreen PAL 2-disc release)
Cannibal Holocaust (EC anamorphic collectors edition)
Phantom of the Opera (Chaney; Image release)
Trilogy of Terror (lesser want)

Universal Classic Monsters
Dracula’s Daughter/Son of Dracula***
Werewolf of London/She-Wolf of London

Beauty & The Beast (new release)
Cries and WhispersGOT IT
Diary of a Chambermaid
Fiend Without a Face**
I Know What I Want
The Killers**
Life and Death of Colonel Blimp*
Monterey Pop***
The Naked Kiss
Sullivan’s Travels
That Obscure Object of Desire
Throne of Blood
Wild Strawberries
Written on the Wind

MANY more. Many...

Like everyone else, I’d love to obtain items from my want list, but I will definitely entertain any reasonable offer...I’ve been very pleased in the past with trades I hadn’t intended to make.

Widescreen only, please, when applicable.

Here’s a link to what I've got so you can get an idea of what not to offer: My economic downfall

I’m on the GTL here and a Gold Trader at DVDTalk.com.

Thanks for taking the time to scroll through this thread...

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