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  1. Scott Kilbourne

    Dec 16, 2002
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    The deal is cut and the theater contents are now available.

    If you want to see the chairs, poster boxes, wall sconces, concession stand, etc. we could do it tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 4). I'm going to be at the theater from about 10 to 2 working and could show you the chairs. You can buy them at that time if you want.

    The theater is the one that closed two years ago at Hanes Mall (west side of Winston-Salem near the merging of Business 40 and Interstate 40). It's on the north side of the mall parking lot (towards Stratford Road across from Belks). Please let me know if you will be there tomorrow, but you can just show up during those times. Other stuff will be available at that time including poster boxes, exit signs, etc. - all in original, authentic theater condition!

    Some other goods like the screens, acoustic panels, wall sconces, etc. may take a bit longer to de-install. Bring friends that want to buy stuff, too. Bring a truck or van if you want to take your chairs home then!

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    Neil Joseph
    Scott, I think you posted this in the wrong forum. I am moving to "Hardware for sale/trade".

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