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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by brac, Mar 3, 2006.

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    I see all this talk about different denon and Yama.. Receivers, But I'm a little lost My oppo dvd upconverts to 720p via hdmi, and I notice a huge difference in the PQ. I want to know if anything out there will take my component feed from my sat and upconvert it over Component or hdmi, as well as other sorces. I mean even 480p is visible better in PQ than 480i.. I am in the market for a new pre-pro, and would really like to know if anything out there will upconvert all or most of my video signals.


    Non HD DVR
    OppO dvd.....

    Also if we could find a reciever that upconverts would we really need the upconverting dvd players????
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    Upconverting is pretty common in receivers these days. You might want to spend some time researching the manufacturer’s manuals from their websites to see of the models you’re interested in will do it.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    There are three terms to worry about as far as I know.

    1 - First function takes a composite or S video signal and changes it to component video output.

    2 - The second takes the input resolution (e.g 480i) and changes it to a 'higher' resolution such as 1080i or deinterlaces it to produce 480p.

    3 - The third and final possible function is to change it from analog (e.g component) to digital (HDMI).

    Various receivers do various combinations of these to a varying resultant quality.

    The problem comes when trying to decide at what point you wish to perform these various functions (if at all) as some DVD players & display devices will also perform some of them.

    Add into the mix the fact that descriptions on each of these functions are notoriously interchangeable -
    Youll see 'deinterlaced/upscaled/upconverted' used.

    I own a Denon 3806 which will do numbers 1 and 3 but not number 2.

    The soon-to-be-released Denon 2807 should add in function number 2 also, though for $1000 the PQ may suffer some.

    In my view its simply best to use the receiver as a switch and provide the best possible source signal to it.
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    There are many receivers that will upconvert 480i to 'something'. Older models went to 480p which they often called 'DVD quality'. The newer ones will output 720p/1080i. But as with anything, the proof is in the pudding and there is no free lunch. If you give the receiver a bad interlaced signal and expect it to perform some magic, you may be dissapointed. Some aspects of the picture may be better (color saturation, contrast) but you may have artifacts introduced by the deinterlacer.

    You really should look at_how_good_a job the receiver does at upconverting before deciding if it's worth it.

    For some it boils down to convenience. You got one connection to the TV to handle all of your video sources. Often that's enough reason to pull the trigger.


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