Upcoming Titles For GC (Summary)

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  1. Jay W

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    Oct 5, 1999
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    I usually don't link to the IGN boards (those who have been there will know why [​IMG])
    However, this is a really neat post for those either anticipating the Gamecube, or just curious.
    Got Gamecube?
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  2. Dan Brecher

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    Jan 8, 1999
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    I've been posting on the Gamecube IGN boards for a couple of days, the general sense I get of the membership there is good, granted there's a good few "my system is better than yours" peeps there but the general vibe I get is just people happy to be playing games, which I like more than the total Fanboy nut thing. That said, I've only been posting in the import gamecube area so my view is somewhat limited.
    Nice list. [​IMG]
    Dan (UK)

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