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Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Dustin James, Oct 29, 2007.

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    I got my "Costco Connection" member November magazine today and it lists several DVD sets/gift sets that are suppose to be Costco Exclusives.

    I haven't found pricing yet as none of these have shown up at my local warehouse nor have been added to the online store.

    I will post scans if anyone is interested.

    Die Hard Ultimate Collection, 8-disc set includes all 4 Die Hard Special Edition DVDs (warehouse & costco.com).

    The Sound of Music 40th Anniversary Edition Gift Set (from the picture looks to be the most recent 2-disc edition of the DVD, the soundtrack CD, and "The Sound of Music Companion" book all packaged in a box that has an extensive reworking of this artwork on the front (warehouse & costco.com).

    The Rodgers & Hammerstein 12-Disc Anniversary Collection with pop-up carousel packaging (which looks... interesting — but is yet another packaging gimmick and I wonder how well the discs will be protected). Not sure, but looks like the entire contents come out of the slipcase in one unit and then it fans out from the middle similar to one of those crepe paper decorations; there are solid dividers in between each section where the discs reside and each side, after it fans out, has a simple 3-D pop out greeting card effect with the main actors for each movie cut out from the background. Difficult to describe without a picture (warehouse & costco.com).

    I guess either of those would be nice for someone who doesn't already have them.

    Shrek Giftset that includes Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3 and a bonus book (no indication of any bonus discs or what exactly the bonus book is; warehouse only).

    Transformers Giftset that includes the 2-disc Special Edition, keychain and collectible book with lenticular cover (warehouse only).
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    Aaron Silverman
    That sounds like the Transformers gift set they've had in the store, but the one I saw might've been the single disc edition.

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