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    I'm using this kind of cable to do a diy for my ht. I used this for inwall setup on the room addition I had. Now, the other day a question pops up in my mind "is there a shielded one"? What would be the pros & cons of this cable compared to a shielded one, if there is such a thing? I'm doing a research now but infos coming from you guys would be appreciated. My main issue is signal degradation.
    Thanks a lot.
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    AFAIK, there is no such thing as sheilded speaker wire, and usually there is no reason for it to be. For in wall, if you needed sheilding from something specific, I would guess that would be done with conduit.
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    When you have "line-level" signals (zero power), you use a coax cable to protect the weak signals on the center wire from interference from nearby power wires.

    Speaker wires ARE power wires. They carry power to drive a motor. Your speakers convert this energy into mechanical motion. They dont usually need shielding.

    In fact - shielding would be very bad for speaker wires because this would be like running a antenna right under your AC power wire. Some of the power would leak into the nearby antenna. (The shielding would be the antenna).

    So it is actually better to NOT have your power wires shielded.

    You can do a internet search for "Transmission Line" theory if you want to know more.

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