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  1. Adam Sanchez

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    Oct 4, 1999
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    Could someone please list the extended/alternate/ommited scenes that are back in the Unrated American Pie II?

  2. David_N

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    Sep 4, 2001
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    I just watched this movie 3 times, with a different commentary each time, this weekend. The first commentary I think with the director points out what scenes are added as they play. If I remember correctly they are as follows:
    A scene at Stifler's party where Stifler is trying to hook Oz up with some girl.
    A scene at Stifler's party where the cops are looking at all the parked cars and talking about Stifler's mom.
    A scene where they are painting the house and Stifler is talking about Oz's girlfriend.
    A few more reveiling shots during the lesb scene.
    A quick shot at the end of the "Jim getting pointers from Michelle" scene with the guy playing the trumpet. (Then at the end a shot of him with chap lips or something.)
    A longer scene in the hospital about Jim's dad yelling at some old lady. (very funny [​IMG] )
    There are probably more than this but that's all I can remember right now.
  3. RyanDinan

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    Oct 25, 2000
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    I detected this problem with my RATED copy of American Pie 2 - Maybe someone can confirm if it exists on the UNRATED version as well...

    I noticed during the last couple chapters, that the video pulsated quite badly - especially during any camera pans (using my HTPC/ TheaterTek software to play/de-interlace the movie).

    I checked this with some software that I have, and it appears that during the mastering, they forgot to set the PROGRESSIVE_FRAME flag to TRUE for these last couple of chapters. They are flagged incorrectly as INTERLACED, which really screws with de-interlacing. This issue would not be apparent if viewed on an interlaced display however.....which is probably why it got by QA..

    Can anyone else verify this? Does it also occur in the UNRATED version.

    Im pissed that this neglegence still occurs....Especially with a blockbuster like this....


    -Ryan Dinan

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