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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jeff Willis, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Hi from a new member. I haven't had a chance yet to navigate this site much but I'm amazed at the posts and knowlege of you all regarding TV/DVD's and the great feedback's I've read so far! [​IMG] to all [​IMG]

    Apologies if this thread is old news, but I'm interested in getting feedback on Universal's TV/DVD series packs to date. Has anyone discovered a Universal pack that contains the "dreaded" syndicated/cut eps in their packs? I own several of Universal's TV/DVD season packs and, from what I can tell, I think they all contain the originally-aired uncut master eps. Anyone have info otherwise? I'm actually very satisfied with the series that Universal's released to date and from the news at this site and on Gord's TVshowsonDVD site, it's looking like '05's going to be a super-[​IMG] year for TV/DVD's in general and particularly for the release of several series owned by Universal (among them, 2 of my all-time fav's, the "bionic" series of 6M$M and Bionic Woman [​IMG]

    - Jeff W [​IMG]
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    The biggest issue with Universal has been their replacing music in Quantum Leap season 2 and Northern Exposure season 2. There are many shows where this won't be an issue though.

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