Universal's Paramount movies on DVD ???

Discussion in 'DVD' started by FrankXS, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Today I read an article about 30's/40's star Brian Donlevy who spent a good portion of his career at Paramount. When I went through his life story and saw the number of significant titles that he starred in, I had to post another request to Universal about getting to their deep catalog of Paramount titles from the 1930's and 1940's. Some of the titles mentioned in the Classic Images newspaper included Cecil B. DeMille's Union Pacific/the 1939 classic Beau Geste/Preston Sturges's The Great McGinty/the Alan Ladd 1940's starred titles This Gun For Hire,The Glass Key and Two Years Before the Mast. Also the 1946 Joel McCrea version of The Virginian. Universal is bringing out Wake Island and When the Daltons Rode in May/June.
    Several other titles of note were In Old Chicago and Jesse James (both of which could be Fox Classics titles) and Brian Donlevy's breakthrough film for Sam Goldwyn in 1935, The Barbary Coast w/Edward G. Robinson/Joel McCrea and Miriam Hopkins. This title is with MGM/UA. It was announced for DVD release two years ago or more and then withdrawn. ARE THERE ANY OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO WANT TO SEE THESE CLASSIC TITLES ?
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    Yes. And THE PLAINSMAN is coming this spring.

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