Universal sez "No MIAMI VICE ever -- now leave us alone."

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Mark Edward Heuck, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Mark Edward Heuck

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    Highlights of article:

    "Universal Entertainment’s Michael Denzel sent a notice to the 1980 crime drama’s fan site, www.miami-vice.org, saying that a DVD release is “nearly impossible” because of difficulties in getting rights to the music that was featured in the show.

    "According to Denzel’s notice, “We have no intention of releasing ‘Miami Vice’ at any time in the near future.”

    "Denzel also blasted fan-site members who had deluged Universal with e-mails about the program’s DVD fate. In particular, he decried “false rumors” and “hateful and negative feedback” from irate fans, and “suggested” to the fan site’s operator that the forum section be “permanently removed” if the issue was not resolved."

    Okay, fanboys can get mighty nasty when they don't get what they want, as witnessed here numerous times. But to suggest "permanently removing" a forum because they don't like the negative feedback? Someone needs to grow some backbone there?
    Why don't they hire someone from the French offices of Vivendi Universal to handle customer relations? I hear they know how to deal with rudeness. [​IMG]
  2. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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  3. Craig: Mclaren

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    Don't get me started again! I'm planning on re-filming all 111 episodes of Miami Vice with my mates and releasing them on DVD, I need to borrow a speed boat and some fancy threads. Oh and I need someone who looks like Don Johnson circa 1985! Mail me if your interested!! [​IMG]
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    What Universal should do is tell the fans they they *would* release the episodes on DVD if the music rights could be cleared...and then give them the contact information to pester the rights-holders into submission. [​IMG]

    Put their fan-intensity energy to use...and not get bent out of shape about it.

    It always amazes me how out-of-touch some studios seem to be and how they take things "personally" rather than merely offering the kind of response that would satisfy their consumers. Most of us die-hards wouldn't ream out a studio if we knew they were giving something their best effort. It's just that it's almost impossible to *assume* that when there are so many other cases where studios screw things up because they didn't care or didn't bother to take a closer look.
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    Kenneth McAlinden
    Hey! Universal is actually talking to an on-line fan community. They may be bitching about them and doing everything short of threatening them with legal actions, but they are actually interacting with them. It's baby steps, but it's progress! [​IMG]

  6. Kenneth English

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    Sep 29, 1999
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    I'm not the least bit surprised by all this.

    However, it is dismaying that the rights to a bunch of songs that are 20 YEARS OLD and all but forgotten can hold up the release of one of the most important and truly groundbreaking series' in television history.

    I mean, wouldn't it be to the music artists' benefit to have these songs (and this series) out there again? I'd think they (and the record labels) would want in on a little of that retro/80s nostalgia action.

    But what do I know?
    Bummer. [​IMG]
  7. todd s

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    Jul 8, 1999
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    Exactly what I was thinking. But, that show had a lot of big name singers who don't need nostalgia business. And I am sure it is these singers/bands that are holding things up.

    ps-I guess the episodes I am recording on my dvd recorder off of TNN will have to do.

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