Universal seems to be making a lot of garbage in recent times, In my opinon.

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    I know I am going to get blasted for this....
    But as I sat back and looked at (mostly sequels) and other movies that dissapointed me the most--and not a "It was all-right " kinda thing..But more of a "that really sucked" opinion, I realized that Universal was behind a lot of it.
    I know that MGM has some stinkers to their name, but it is to be expected by them so we are used to it. MGM loses money and will someday be forced to put a little more effort into them. Universal on the other hand....blockbuster after blockbuster...of turds! Making them money just to fuel more of them.
    From what comes to my head right now.
    Jurrasic park 3 --(shiver) A too short, afraid to take any different path, by the books movie. I did not like it at all. The ending alone I don't know how any studio that cared about any actual story would let that one go.
    American Pie 2-- See original American Pie and add the number 2 after it.
    Fast and The Furious--It's like "The Icehouse"--the movie. One big long 90 minute advertisement for young thugs to screech out of the parking lot piss everyone off. No very interesting plot...just a smart marketing move to gobble up the speeding teen market. And I shudder when I think of how basic they are probably going to make the sequel.
    The Mummy Returns---An excuse to just put a movie into the theaters. Mummy is not even the main villain, and real villain is around 5 minutes. Which leads to....
    The Scorpion King -- Are having trouble shooting enough filler to make it 90 minutes!!
    They have made some great films and are a legendary studio, I just think they have lost the touch, and as well now being the kink "turn em and burn em blockbusters." Does anyone even remotely agree with me?
    I liked K-pax though [​IMG]
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    Patrick McCart
    Instead of making rotten remakes and sucky sequels, the studios should re-release catalog titles into theaters.

    Universal has excellent Alfred Hitchcock films, classic horror, etc...

    I'd love to see Universal re-release the 1932 "The Mummy" into theaters whe The Scorpion King comes out. It'll let 100% audience gathering. Those who want cheap fare like TSK can see that, those who want to spend their 90 min. wisely can see the Karloff version.
  3. Will K

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    Let's not forget the masterpiece that is Patch Adams or Gus Van Sant's Psycho! Woof!

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