Universal remote recommendation for sony str-dn 1010

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    I bought the receiver at Best Buy, no remote. It works fine, and I'm pleased with it, but functionality is greatly limited w/o original remote....like, I can't change radio stations. I have AT&T U-verse, and that remote will do basic on/off and volume, but I have to change modes manaully, and many setup options are only accesible via the remote.
    I can get the original model of remote for the STR-dn1010 for $70-80, but is there a universal remote option that will do what I need it to do...and not be as expensive?
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    Was it supposed to come with a remote? If so, go back and tell them it was missing. They should get one.
    Back when Circuit City had bricks and mortar to its name, I had a similar situation. I got an open box VCR that didn't have a remote control. I chatted up one of the salesman when I was back and asked it there were any programable universal remotes that would work. He said there were, but it would be easier to use one that came with it. It was a Sony VCR. He opened a drawer with a pile of remotes in it and just gave me one. You might try that approach.
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    Well a bit more than a universal remote you could look into the Touchsquid remote, its an Android based IR remote with activities, and very customizable.
    Its a nice tablet, and can control just about everything, and they have excellent customer service.
    Check them out @ http://touchsquid.org/

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