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    I have the Kenwood HTB-505 home theater system. I have been trying to use the universal remote but I have only been able to get it to work with our RCA and Sharp TV's. There is a 13" samsung, an old hitatchi, a 13" panasonic, and a 27" or so Zenith that have yet to work. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there something special I should see happen because it says if I push a incorrect button it will exit setup mode. Is there more setup codes than given in the instructions or is it just not a great universal remote. I want to make sure it will work with a Toshiba 24"
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    It can be the nature of the beast. If the remote isn't a "learning" remote that allows you to copy other remotes info into it, you're pretty much stuck with whatever the Kenwood remote has programmed in it.

    Just try ALL the code numbers they show in the remotes instruction book to see if that helps with controling the items.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest going to Wal Mart and getting an inexpensive learning universal remote and try programming the functions you need into it (if they aren't already included with the newer remote) If it doesn't work, just return it to Wal Mart and try another one till you find the right one for your needs.


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