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Universal price drops...STILL letting us down on CE prices! (1 Viewer)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
From DVDFile this morning:
Also on 1/29, watch for many of your favorite Academy Award winners to drop in price, including American Beauty, Out Of Africa, The Deer Hunter, and the movie-only version of Spartacus, which are all now $19.95 each, and Harvey and The Lost Weekend, which will be reduced to $14.95 a pop.
That's nice and all, especially since it's on the Oscar-winners.
But I've been waiting for price drops on the highly overpriced Collector's Editions for quite some time now.
A couple of years ago, these were cream-of-the-crop DVD issues, with more supplements than you could shake a stick at. Commentaries, usually. RSDL, too. Well worth a $34.98 SRP. Letterbox, too...though not always anamorphic (Field of Dreams, I believe is a good example).
Nowadays, with 2-disc sets, each of them RSDL and chock-full of supplements (up to "6 hours"!), and with films getting up to 3 and 4 commentary tracks, and street pricing of these at only $20-$25, the Universal CE set is pretty much archaic.
Heck, Gladiator blows away the CE model by itself. And that's old, now.
Yet I can still only find the following titles for $27.99-$31.99 at all brick-and-morter stores. If I'm lucky I run into them for $24.99 once in a while, which is still too high compared to modern supplement-pack-fests:
  • American Graffiti
    Animal House
    Blues Brothers
    Dante's Peak
    Field of Dreams
    The Flintstones
    The Last Starfighter

Other titles that would have been on the list a short time ago are The Thing and Tremors. Both got marked down to a $24.98 list, which means they now street for about twenty bucks. But all that occurred AFTER I picked up the Tremors/Tremors 2 double-pack for $28, and found a pristine-looking used copy of The Thing for just $7.99!!!
Fate has also brought my way "mint" used copies of MOST of the others on that list up there: Dante's Peak & Flintstones for $14.99 on the same day, Scarface for just $8.50 at a garage sale of all things, and Christmas gift for Animal House and a Valentine's Day gift for Blues Brothers (though it cost my wife $28 each for those two, instead of costing me...grrr).
We still want American Graffiti, Field of Dream, and Last Starfighter. We're just not willing to pay $28+ buckaroos for 'em!
I urge Universal to lower their prices on these puppies. Does anyone else agree that it's about time?


Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
I gotta say though these still beat laserdisc prices- "Daylight" was the first DVD I got when I bought my player; I paid $35 for it which was higher than average but since it was the same contents as an LD set that cost around $80, I was still thankful. What made me mad was when Fox first started putting out DVDs of movie-only editions at $35! THAT was totally uncalled for.

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