Universal prepping BTTF animated series for DVD?

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    from www.bttf.com
    First episode of CBS series recently submitted to BBFC
    It appears that the three Back to the Future films may not be the only things from the franchise being reissued on home video.
    A recent stroll on the British Board of Film Classification website turned up a very interesting entry from 16 July 2002 — the first episode from the 1991-1993 Back to the Future — The Animated Series entitled "Brothers" was submitted for ratings classification for the very first time:
    So what exactly does this mean? Well, I'm not really sure, but it sure seems to indicate that — at least in the U.K. — the series is being prepped for release on home video and DVD. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but this entry would certainly seem to signal the fact that something's being done with the series at this time. With the recent trend to issue entire seasons of television series on DVD, this would be a very easy project for Universal to issue. Besides, with the publicty & hype surrounding the trilogy's release this year, sales for the animated series would certainly be bolstered.
    Back to the Future — The Animated Series ran on CBS Saturday mornings from September 1991 until September 1993, and was hosted by Christopher Lloyd as "Doc Brown" in live-action wrap-arounds, with science experiments conducted by Bill Nye the Science Guy.
    Tom Wilson and Mary Steenburgen lent their voices to their respective animated characters both seasons. The 26-episode series was executive produced by Bob Gale, to which he also directed the entire second season (the first season was directed by Peyton Reed).
    We've sent an email to some of our contacts trying to get an official comment on Universal's plans for the animated series, but at the moment have not had our inquiries returned. Stay tuned...
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    Edit: strike my earlier speculative post. That's a negative.

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